Terms of Service


ARTICLE I Declaration of Purpose

  1. This Association of members hereby declares that our main objective is to maintain and improve the civil rights, constitutional guarantees, and political freedom of every human being born on the United States of America, through the exercise of our constitutional rights. This objective also pertains to all law-abiding citizens of other countries around the world whose constitutional provisions embrace similar rights and freedoms as those in our United States of America.

  2. As members, we affirm our belief in the original 1787 Constitution for the United States of America. We believe that the First Amendment of the original 1787 Constitution for the United States of America guarantees our members the rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another in asserting our rights under the Federal and State Constitutions and Statutes. We strive to maintain and improve the civil rights, constitutional guarantees, freedom of choice in health and wellness, and political freedom of every human being born on the United States of America and abroad.

    WE HEREBY DECLARE that among others, we are exercising our rights of “freedom of association” and “freedom of speech” as guaranteed by the 1st and 14th Amendments of the original 1787 Constitution for The united States of America and equivalent provisions of the various State Constitutions. Therefore, our association activities are protected by law and restricted to the private domain only.

  3. We declare the basic right of all of our members to select spokespersons from our membership who could be expected to provide the wisest counsel and advice regarding a wide variety of business, financial and investment options, and to select those members who are most qualified to assist and facilitate the delivery of relevant education, guidance, consultations, and techniques to help our members and our community to move toward achievement of desired goals and objectives.

  4. We proclaim the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of member activities, member education and other membership programs that we think are best for our association’s financial health and achieving and maintaining optimum results. We proclaim and reserve the right to provide our members with access to certain assets, services and other member benefits that include but are not limited to those listed in the following paragraph (5).

  5. The Association specializes in a variety of financial programs related to digital assets and other such services, among others. More specifically, the Association’s member benefits include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Access to the META Exchange and associated features
    2. Access to the META Wallet and associated features
    3. Access to the META Investment Bank and its DeFi services
    4. Access to acquire META 1 Coin and other digital assets
    5. Access to Universal Law and provided services
    6. The ability to settle fiat currencies for META 1 and Other Digital Assets
    7. The ability to sell and trade META 1 and Other Digital Assets
  6. The Association will recognize any person (irrespective of race, color, or religion) who is in accordance with these principles and policies as a member and will provide a medium through which its individual members may associate for actuating and bringing to fruition the purposes heretofore declared.


  1. I understand that the fellow members of the Association that provide assets, services, opinions and ideas, do so in the capacity of a fellow member and not in the capacity of a professional licensed in any field. I further understand that within the association no client relationships exist but only a private contract, member-member Association relationship exists. In addition, I have freely chosen to change my legal status from a “public customer or client” to a “private member” of the Association. I further understand that it is entirely my own responsibility to consider the advice and recommendations offered to me by my fellow members and to educate myself as to the efficacy, validity, risks, and desirability of same; and that the acceptance of the offered or recommended opinions, ideas, thoughts, words, writings, assets, and any other member benefits and services provided to me by the association, is my own carefully considered decision. Any request by me to a co-member to assist me or provide me with the aforementioned legal service(s) is my own free decision in an exercise of my rights and made by me, for my benefit, and I agree to hold the Trustee(s), staff and other worker members and the Association, harmless from any unintentional liability for the results of said services and benefits, except for harm that results from instances of a clear and present danger of substantive evil as determined by the Association, as stated and defined by the United States Supreme Court.

  2. The members have chosen and otherwise agree that the Trustee of the Association, Justin Morris, is the person best qualified to perform services for members of the Association. The Trustee may select other members to assist him in carrying out Association services.

  3. In addition, I understand that, since the Association is protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the original 1787 Constitution for the United States of America, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning any and all complaints or grievances against the Association, any Trustee(s), members, or other staff persons. All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by an Association Committee and said rights will be waived by the member for the benefit of the Association and its members. Because the privacy and security of membership records maintained within the Association have been held to be inviolate by the U.S. Supreme Court, the undersigned member waives certain privacy rights and complaint process. Any records kept by the association will be strictly protected and only released upon written request of the member and or written, voluntary approval by the Trustee(s). I agree that violation of any waivers in this membership contract will result in a no contest legal proceeding against me.

  4. I understand that fellow members of the Association are offering me advice, services, and benefits that do not necessarily conform to conventional industry philosophies. I do not expect these benefits to include the usual and customary solutions or recommendations provided by most other service providers in the financial or other industries. I will receive such specialist services elsewhere. Although we have performed extensive research regarding relevant principles, our trustees, officers and supporting staff of META PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION may not be licensed in any state.

  5. My activities within the Association are a private matter that I refuse to share without expressed specific permission. All records and documents remain as property of the Association, even if I receive a copy of them. I fully agree not to file any lawsuit against any fellow member of the Association unless that member has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil. I acknowledge that the members of the Association do not carry malpractice or Errors and Omissions insurance.

  6. I enter into this agreement of my own free will or on behalf of my dependent without any pressure, guarantees, or promise of any kind. Unless otherwise disclosed in writing to the Trustee herein, I affirm that I do not represent any Local, State or Federal agency including but not limited to any agency whose purpose is to investigate, regulate and/or approve products, services, and/or professional licensing, among others. I have read and I understand this document and my questions have been answered fully and to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from this agreement and terminate my membership in this association at any time. These pages and Article I of the articles of association of the Association consist of the entire agreement for my membership in the Association and they supersede any previous agreement.